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Construction keying for site security.

Before starting work on any construction site, an important factor to consider is the mangment of the security. With multiple projects phases and people requiring access, careless damage and security breaches can create major problems for all stakeholders.

When you’re designing your buidling and deciding on the keying system to use on site, keep in mind that Security Edge offers the only high security product with construction keying on the Australian market.

What is construction keying?

Security Edge products have the option for multiple access codes to be programmed into the lock. The construction keying will allow construction staff to have access where required. Once the new building owner uses their key with the lock it will lock out all other keys which previously had access. This means that the builder, electrician, or plumbers keys will no longer be able to gain access.

This system can be fully integrated into a new building and provides the ability to have a variety of access levels.

What hardware is Security Edge compatible with?

Security Edge cylinders are available to for retrofitting into a wide range of popular door hardware choices. Check out our catalogue for a comprehensive list.

Simple savings.

Construction keying or temporary keying is an effective way to keep your site safe. It also simplifies the handover process without the need to call in a locksmith to rekey the building. This especially saves money for apartment blocks as keys don’t have to be replaced after handover. The new owners can feel safe knowing that their keys are the only ones that can access their aprartment.

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