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Key Design Features

From the hardened barrel anti-drill pin to 3 mm thick ergonomic keys, Security Edge products have been designed with more than just high-security in mind.

Our range of barrels and cylinders incorporate multiple security measures to prevent force and drill attacks. In choosing a Security Edge restricted master key system you ensure you have a completely unique lock unlike anyone else’s. It’s the extra considerations that make the biggest differences.

Our keys have been designed to nicely fit into your hand and to work for those with limited wrist turning abilities. The size of the keys head has been made to suit all door types without any need for knuckles to graze on door frames. All keys are 3mm thick and made from strong durable material.
A hardened barrel anti-drill pin has been designed to sit in front of the lock pins also known as the shear line. This prevents someone from easily drilling straight into the top of the lock (above the key hole) and breaking through all the lock pins.
Each cylinder contains a sidebar that has a system unique wave configuration. This sidebar aligns with the wave profile on the key to allow it to rotate and unlock.

Security Edge keys are available with 8 different colour pips. These colours can be used to monitor and control the permissions and access for different areas of use.

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