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Industrial Security Solutions

High security construction keying

Security Edge is the only high security key system on the Australian market that has been designed to include construction keying options. It’s the ideal choice for your industrial security solutions. The temporary construction keying options are perfectly suited for new apartment complex builds.

Construction sites often run a high risk of being threatened by vandalism and theft. Unoccupied in dark hours and midway through works is all too inviting for some. By installing Security Edge into your new building site you have ensured a level of high security. All of our products are drill, pick, and bump resistant.

There is no need to sacrifice the architectural design of your building for it’s security. Security Edge have a range of cylinders to suit most common Australian and New Zealand locks. The cylinders meet high standards for corrosion and are fire resistant.

What is construction keying?

A temporary construction key or builder key is often used on a building site. The builder, electricians, carpenters, and plumbers all require access to a new site during the build phase. A temporary builder key allows workers entry during construction.

Once handover of the property has occurred and the new occupants key is inserted into the lock, the temporary construction keys access has been locked out. Builder and subcontractor keys will no longer be able to access the premise.

Independently Tested and Rated

NATA | National Association of Testing AuthoritiesSecurity Edge products were independently tested and rated by NATA. World recognised accreditation, AS 4145.2

  • Resistance to picking – SC8
  • Resistance to impression – SC8
  • Resistance to bumping – SC8
  • Resistance to drilling – SC8
  • Resistance of plug to pull force – SC5
  • Resistance of plug to torque – SC7
  • Cylinder durability – D8 (114286 cycles)
  • Key Strength – SC8


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