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Display showcase cabinets are an ideal way to allow prospective customers the opportunity to look without touching. Valuables requiring protecting can range from retail items to museum displays.

Keying the showcases of your property into the rest of your security is possible with a master key system. With a restricted or registered system the added level of keys unable to be copied by just anyone also applies.

The benefit of a display case lock goes beyond just protecting valuable stock. It is common these days for potential customers to have researched items, read reviews, and got the low down on goods before they enter your store. When someone does approach and asks for a tangible experience with a product, this is your opportunity to address their reasons for enquiring and purchasing. It is your opportunity to gain a sale which may well be halfway out the door and sitting in their digital cart already.

Sometimes the items on display are just that. Displayed. Museums are a prime example of artifacts which need to be kept safe from people getting too close. A locked barrier ensures that no one can touch or interfere with an item.

A high security product will help to protect your assets. If you haven’t updated the locks to your cases recently it might be time to update the system. If staff turnover and a few years has left you unsure of just who has keys to your valuable cases, get in touch with a Security Edge dealer.

Please chat with one of our dealers to discuss security solutions for your display showcase cabinets.

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