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Manage the security of all your business locations

Does your job involve running the security for a multi-site franchise? It can be quite the task to organise and manage the security for multiple locations. This is where custom designing the ideal keying system to suit your business requirements is a valuable asset.

One way to structure your keys is to design each location as a stand alone business. Each store has a Master Key. The branch manager will hold this key which allows them full business access. The regional manager will then have a key which accesses all business locations under their jurisdiction. The national manager can also hold the Grand Master Key or (Great Grand Master Key). Providing them with access to all stores Nationwide. Depending on the sturcture and organisation of your business this system can be created to suit.

From retail stores to office spaces, food chains and gyms, a high secuity keying helps keep your business, your staff, and your customers safe.

By updating your key security system every 5 years you help to ensure it’s optimal operation. Take into consideration the fact that keys can be misplaced or lost, staff leave without returning keys, and if your system is still registered. All of these can impact the security of your business.
By keeping a well maintained record of your keying system and who has a copy of which key level access is vital for multi-site franchise security. Keys can be colour coded to assist easily with level access identification, and each key is individually numbered to help make record keeping easier.

Software to record, monitor, and maintain.

Pro Master Key Management software has been designed to assist with the recording, monitoring, and maintentance of your master key system. Our dealer Wynns Locksmiths are an authoriesed re-seller of this powerful platform. The software is able to quickly produce reports. Including an inventory of your keys, where each key can acces, and who has been issued a key. The software is easy to install and use and able to track any number of keys. Utiising a system such as Pro Master Key Management is an ideal solution for multi-site franchise security.

Chat with our expert dealers today! Discuss how a Security Edge custom designed keying system can help protect your business. Let us provide you with world class multi-site francise security.

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