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Do you have an AirBnB property or a holiday home you lend out to friends? A master key system is the ideal keying system for your holiday home.

Restricted keys mean that not just anybody who has a key can get it copied. It needs to be ordered by an authorised person, through the locksmith which provided you the system. This means that your keys are safe from duplication by a guest who might consider trying to come back another time without your knowing.

Your master key system can also be installed to work best with your property and requirements. Perhaps you have a room or cupboard which you would prefer noone access. This can be keyed to only work with your master key and not the key that you provide to guests. A cleaner may also have a key which provides them access to an otherwise locked storage cupboard full of cleaning supplies.

Protect yourself and your property with a tailored master keying system. Take control over who has access and when. A professional locksmith can work with you to healp design the best solution for your security.

Colour identifying elements can be co-ordinated with your Security Edge keys. Your access levels can be colour coded and this can help with ensuring the correct key is handed out and help with your key management.

Find a Security Edge dealer near you to discuss the most suitable options for keying your holiday home.

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