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Restricted master keys at the heart of school security.

School security systems generally include a restricted master key system. Maintaining the security of your schools property depends heavily on the management of the security systems.

Master key systems allow schools to maintain the security of their property. Specific keys can be provided to groups such as cleaners and emergency teachers. These keys can be set up to allow the necessary acces that each user group requires. Each key is indivually stamped with an identifying number. By keeping an updated spreadsheet names can be marked against key numbers to maintain a registry of who has which key.

It is advisable that master key systems are updated every 5 years or so to mitigate against security risks. Occurances such as keys not being returned when staff or employees leave or keys being lost dampen the security system.

Keys are only able to be ordered by an authoried contact which provides some peace of mind that not just anyone with a key can make a copy. However anyone with a key, can gain entry. Ensuring that not too many keys are just floating about in anybodies hands is an important task.

What does an average school master key system look like?

The keying system for a school generally consists of keys coded for the different departments and roles. The Grand Master Key (GMK) is the highest level key which can access all locks on the property. Generally the science and sport departments have their own keying along with the library.

Many schools hire out there school halls for community events and functions. A separte key for external hire can be provided which only allows access to that particular building and even a certain toilet block.

Those who work in admin or the cleaners also require access to areas not needed by other general staff.

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