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A restricted master key system plays an important part in retail security and loss prevention. Whether you manage a single store or a multi location property there are benefits to using restricted keying systems.

Who has a key?

Key management is an important element of running a business. Ensuring tha staff have the correct access required for the role is important. When you develop your business’ keying structure, keeping a register of how many keys and what they do you is advised. This way when keys are given to staff you know who has a key and what they can access. If a staff member leaves and returns their keys these should be returned to the system and updated to reflect.

Design access levels to suit your business.

Take control of where certain keys can access on your property. A Great Grand Master key is designed to have full access to a system. This could be for a single location or it could access every store across the country. A Grand Master key will then be used for each standalone store. This key will only be able to access, say the Richmond store but not the Epping one.

Your key system can be tailor designed to suit your property and the way your staff need to work.

No unauthorised keys

With a restricted master key system you can be safe knowing that your keys are unable to be duplicated with ease. The patent protection on a registered designed key means that it is illegal for any other locksmith to duplicate your keys. The locksmith you engaged to design and install your keying system is the only authorised dealer to supply keys.
Any key orders will need to be made with them and can only be applied for by pre arranged members of staff.

If you would like to discuss a Security Edge restricted keying system for your retail security please contact us or one of our dealers.

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